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Artbank with Tom & Heidi

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Artbank: 4 August 2019

Artbank_040819_1100.mp3 mp3, 219.9 MB
Sun 4 Aug 2019

Heidi talks to Aaron King-Cole about his drawing show "Holotype' at Depot in Devonport. Then she is on the line to Rome, talking to Areez Katki about his shos "come, remember" at Window Gallery with Ophelia King. He has also had a recent recidency in Athens.

Artbank: 28 July 2019

Artbank: 28 July 2019 Artbank: 28 July 2019, 222.57 MB
Sun 28 Jul 2019

Heidi and Tom are in studio with Liz Maw, talking portraits, fantasy and paint. She has a show on at Ivan Anthony Gallery. A poem from Hana Pera Aoake. 

Artbank: 21 July 2019

Artbank: 19 July 2019 Artbank: 19 July 2019, 224.36 MB
Sun 21 Jul 2019

Auckland painter Andrew Mcleod is in studio talking about his upcoming show at show at Ivan Anthony, as well as his recent time in Russia.

Artbank: 14 July 2019

Artbank: 14 July 2018 Artbank: 14 July 2018, 221 MB
Sun 14 Jul 2019

Tom talks to Elliot O'donnell, AKA Askew One - an artist, designer best known for his years as graffiti artist and documenter. We talk about his various journeys, crews, works and collaborations from his time of it. Also on the show -music and a guide to the latest openings & art events in Auckland.

Artbank: 7 July 2019

Artbank: 7 July 2019 Artbank: 7 July 2019, 214.68 MB
Sun 7 Jul 2019

Ardit Hoxha talks about his show Solidaritet/Solidarity at RM Gallery. The exhibition talks it name from the former communist housing block in Kosovo, which Hoxha lived in as a child, just before moving to NZ. Divyaa Kumar talks about her Windo Gallery show - A Denial Is Not The Abolishment Of Fact. Her poetry, presented as large textile works, deal with intergenerational trauma and Indo-Fijian heritage. Heidi is in the studio, playing tunes and beiong awesome.

Artbank 30 June 2019

Artbank 30 June 2019 Artbank 30 June 2019, 214.6 MB
Sun 30 Jun 2019

Heidi talks to Salome Tanuvasa about her recent work an Tim Melville Gallery. Tom talks to Nicholas Pound about his work at Weasel Gallery in Hamilton.

Artbank: 23 June 2019

Artbank: 23 June 2019 Artbank: 23 June 2019, 225.54 MB
Sun 23 Jun 2019

Artbank: 16 June 2019

Artbank 16 June 2019 Artbank 16 June 2019, 348.03 MB
Sun 16 Jun 2019

Heidi is in the studio with Balamohan Shingade and Ioana Gordon Smith, talking about the most recent shows at St Paul St and Te Uru, repsectively.


Artbank: 9 June 2019

Artbank: 9 June 2019 Artbank: 9 June 2019, 222.96 MB
Sun 9 Jun 2019

"Guy Ngan: Either Possible or Necessary" is the latest show at Artspace. Curators Remco de Blaaij and Lachlan Taylor talk to Heidi about the artist, his life, and how they curated the show. Guy Ngan 顏國 鍇 (1926 – 2017) was a second generation Chinese-New Zealander born in Wellington, who started practicing wood carving at a young age, and went on to have an extensive career as a sculptor, public artist, muralist and designer. 

Auau was a recent live participatory performance by Mark Harvey. In association with the Kauri Project, his latest work involved him walking the streets of West Auckland, pulling a log made of cardboard, ending up at Corbyn Estate Arts Centre. The work raised awareness of the various plights of kauri. He was also involved in "Guy Ngan: Either Possible or Necessary" and talked about his work for that show.

Artbank: 2 June 2019

Artbank: 2 June 2019 Artbank: 2 June 2019, 122.51 MB
Sun 2 Jun 2019

Nikau Hindin whakapapas to the Hokianga and lives in Tūranga-nui-a-Kiwa (Gisborne). The latest iteration of her mighty effort in the revival of Aute, Māori tapa cloth, are at Te Uru Waitakere as part of NAMES HELD IN OUR MOUTHS. 

Abdul-Rahman Abdullah is an Australian sculptor, carver and installation artist, whose work, "Pretty Beach" is on show at The National in Sydney. "The work is a memorial in some sense, a celebration in another sense, about my grandad’s passing"