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Artbank with Tom & Heidi

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Artbank: 13 January 2019

Artbank 13 January 2019 Artbank 13 January 2019, 158.99 MB
Sun 13 Jan 2019

It's the first show of 2019 and its jam-packed! We have Rozana Lee in studio to talk about her practice and upcoming shows, plus we hear from Laree Payne who runs Weasel Gallery in Hamilton. We also have the first episode of The Wide Angle: a new podcast series thanks to Nikon and 95bFM which looks at artists in Aotearoa who use cameras in their practice. This week's guest is none other than bFM's very own Murray Cammick. Head to for the full 25 mins. Woohoo! 

Artbank: 9 December 2018

Artbank 9 December 2018 Artbank 9 December 2018, 219.75 MB
Sun 9 Dec 2018

Artist Fiona Jack is in the studio talking to Rachel about Riverbed, an exhibition at Artspace in collaboration with activist and educator Sue Bradford. We also listen back to an earlier interview with Lara Strongman: senior curator at Christchurch Art Gallery Te Puna o Waiwhetū. 

Artbank: 2 December 2018

Artbank 2 December 2018 Artbank 2 December 2018, 224.89 MB
Sun 2 Dec 2018

Fresh from the AUT Vidual Arts Grad Show, Ella Mangan is in the studio chatting about her video work which explores ideas of vulnerability and performance. We also have the crew from RM gallery in the studio talking to us about their annual fundraiser The Cost of Living which helps keem them alive as a not-for-profit artist space. Cool!

Artbank: 25 November 2018

Artbank 25 November Artbank 25 November, 217.44 MB
Sun 25 Nov 2018

It's the Elam Grad show this weekend and Gyorgika Farrelly, the galleries coordinator, is up in the studio to tell us about it. We also listen back to an earlier interview with Ayesha Green in honour of her show Māori Girl opening at Blue Oyster Art Space. Plus Rachel's brother Ben gives us a run down of Childish Gambino's brainchild festival Pharos. Sick! 

Artbank: 18 November 2018

Artbank: 18 November 2018 Artbank: 18 November 2018, 225.82 MB
Sun 18 Nov 2018

Artbank: 11 November 2018

Artbank 11 November Artbank 11 November , 226.04 MB
Sun 11 Nov 2018

Rachel's back this week with a conversation from Meanwhile gallery in wellington. Plus Lisa Beauchamp from the Gus Fisher gallery has a few exciting details about the new direction the gallery will be taking next year with its grand reopening in April!

Artbank: 4 November 2018

Artbank: 4 November 2018 Artbank: 4 November 2018, 217.34 MB
Sun 4 Nov 2018

Rach is away this week but does not leave your art needs hanging!  We hear from artist and facilitator Hannah Watkinson who runs the Corner Store on Cashel Street in Christchurch. Also, the winner of the Walters Prize was announced on friday, so we hear Rach and Theo speaking to winner Ruth Buchanen when she was up in the studio as just a nominee. 

Artbank: 28 October 2018

Artbank 28 October Artbank 28 October, 224.52 MB
Sun 28 Oct 2018

This week Sophie Bannan chats to Rachel about her show with Daegan Wells at Meanwhile Gallery: Hut For a Sensuous Goldminer, opening this wednesday. Plus Kraus and Floris Vanhoof are in studio talking about their tour of New Zealand and Floris' upcoming exhibition at the Audio Foundation. Floris Vanhoof is a Belgian filmmaker, musician, instrument builder, performer and visual artist based in Antwerp. 

Artbank: 21 October 2018

Artbank 21 October Artbank 21 October, 164.42 MB
Sun 21 Oct 2018

We are talking artist-run and volunteer galleries this week! Ben and Siena from Satchi&Satchi&Satchi in parnell speak to Rachel about their gallery and studio spaces, supporting yours peers, and stick-and-poke tattoos! Also in studio is Julia Craig, one of the three current volunteer curators of Window gallery in the University of Auckland General Library. Julia is speaking to us about how the space is run and how people can get involved. Cool!

Artbank: 14 October 2018

Artbank 14 October Artbank 14 October, 162.11 MB
Sun 14 Oct 2018

Rachel's back from Te Wai Pounamu this week with plenty of good tunes and arty stuff for ya Sunday morning. Arapeta Ashton is in studio to talk about their art practice and traditional Māori cloak weaving; plus Sam Longmore from the Audio Foundation brings us some top picks from the upcoming Nowhere! festival- showcasing avant-garde sonics from Aotearoa and beyond. Sweet!