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Artbank with Rachel & Theo

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Artbank: 14 October 2018

Artbank 14 October Artbank 14 October, 162.11 MB
Sun 14 Oct 2018

Rachel's back from Te Wai Pounamu this week with plenty of good tunes and arty stuff for ya Sunday morning. Arapeta Ashton is in studio to talk about their art practice and traditional Māori cloak weaving; plus Sam Longmore from the Audio Foundation brings us some top picks from the upcoming Nowhere! festival- showcasing avant-garde sonics from Aotearoa and beyond. Sweet! 

Artbank: 7 October 2018

Artbank: 7 October 2018 Artbank: 7 October 2018, 165.78 MB
Sun 7 Oct 2018

Jenn covers the show this week and talks with Minnie Parker and Molly Jones, curators of Yours Sincerely, a show presenting caring as the new cool. We hear Rachel chatting with Phoebe Thompson gallery manager at Blue Oyster art project space Dunedin, and Matthew Galloway, artist and co-chair of the Blue Oyster Trust. Jenn mentions one of her favourite podcasts and shines a spotlight on the late synth pioneer, Pauline Oliveros who blurred the role of the audience as passive consumer into the creator and substance of her musical pieces. On top of that, we hear some tracks by likes of The 6ths, Al Green, The Dø and The Goonsax and give you the current rundown of all events art with the Art Guide.

Artbank: 30 September 2018

Artbank: 30 September Artbank: 30 September , 211.49 MB
Sun 30 Sep 2018

Berlin-based artist Biljana Popovic chats to Rachel about her work Synthetic Baby at the Physics Room in Christchurch. Plus the team from Mayonez gallery in Grey Lynn chat about making an artist-run space work in expenny Auckland. Finally we hear from Ellie Rowsell, frontwoman of Wolf Alice (the winners of the 2018 Mercury Award Prize) ahead of their gig at the Powerstation tonight. Wild! 

Artbank: 23 September 2018

Artbank 23 September Artbank 23 September, 215.2 MB
Sun 23 Sep 2018

It's Theo's last show EVER! After 3 years riding the airwaves at 95bFM Theo is heading to Canada: the land of world-class libraries and plentiful arts funding. But dry your eyes, we have a bumper show today to see him off! A three part Sunday Painter finale with special guest appearance from Sean Kerr; Hannah Davis-Gray from the new Samoa House Library on krd; Pati Tyrell on his Walters' Prize nomination; and Claudia Dunes and Tanya Martusheff chat about their show The Efficiency of Upright WalkingPlus plenty of Prince, Patti, Pusha T and Bowie in true Theo style. Ka nui te pai e te whānau! 

Sunday Painter: The Finale part 1

Sunday Painter: The Finale part 1 Sunday Painter: The Finale part 1, 91.09 MB
Sun 23 Sep 2018

It's the three-part grand finale of Sunday Painter this week, but oh no! Jackson's got artist's block! Luckily Sean Kerr is here to help out. (Part 1/3)

Sunday Painter: The Finale part 2

Sunday Painter: The Finale part 2 Sunday Painter: The Finale part 2, 93.99 MB
Sun 23 Sep 2018

After Sean Kerr's wise advice, Jackson is ready to crack into making some art for this week's Sunday Painter. But are there more bumps in the road ahead? (Part 2/3)

Sunday Painter: The Finale part 3

Sunday Painter: The Finale part 3 Sunday Painter: The Finale part 3, 85.4 MB
Sun 23 Sep 2018

It's been an existential week for Jackson on Sunday Painter, but there is light at the end of the tunnel. Tune in to the last ever episode for some some final thoughts from Jackson on how to make art. (Part 3/3)

Artbank: 16 September 2018

Artbank 16 September 2018 Artbank 16 September 2018, 217.83 MB
Sun 16 Sep 2018

A jam-packed show this week! Mya Cole is in studio in the first hour speaking to us about Whispers, her solo performance at Basement Theatre on for one night only (september 20th). In the second hour we work out how to share 3 microphones between 8 people and chat to the artists involved with The River Remains; ake tonu atu up at Artspace. Plus Jackson is teaching us how to make a Thiccck Santa in this week's Sunday Painter. Tight! 

Interview: Mya Cole

I/V Mya Cole I/V Mya Cole, 21.04 MB
Sun 16 Sep 2018

"Sometimes we are taught to think in whispers..." Mya Cole's solo show Whispers at the Basement Theatre explores the idea of growing up in a culture taught to reject itself. She is in studio with Rachel and Theo to speak about how the project came to be and how writing, poetry, sound and performance help her shape these ideas. 

Interview: The River Remains; ake tonu atu

I/V The River Remains; ake tonu atu I/V The River Remains; ake tonu atu, 50.83 MB
Sun 16 Sep 2018

The River Remains; ake tonu atu is this year's itieration of Artspace's new artists show. Tyson Campbell, Wai Ching Chan, Faamele Etuale, Olyvia Hong and Bronte Perry are all in studio to speak about their individual works and the idea of "holding the institution to ransom" through art making.