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b-lush - floor

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Today on your bFM Breakfast: David braves the cold winter to give us his hottest takes on #nzpol; we feast on cheese scones with Delaney; Noah Slee's performing live from the bFM lounge ahead of the Pacific Music Awards; South Africa's "king of jazz" makes an appearance via Southbound vinyl; and Pearl drops by for a deliciously New Zealand Top Ten. 

Thought Creature - Talk in Tongues
Ha the Unclear - Wallace Line [Live at 95bFM - 01/05/18]
Girlboss - Body Con
Kora - On My Mind
Unknown Mortal Orchestra - American Guilt
b-lush - floor
3Ds - Outer Space
Dimmer - Smoke
Alien Weaponry - Raupatu
Akim - Voodoo Drums
Hugh Masekela & Ojah - Afro Beat Blues
Lawrence Arabia - A Little Hate feat. Heather Mansfield
King Kapisi - Sub-cranium Feeling (Full Version
Drako Madtalk - POOLSOFWATER (feat. Brandn Shiraz & Affsid Kidjhagiffy)
Carb on Carb - Mitimiti
The Brunettes - Cotton Candy (live to air)
Coco Solid - Vailima [Prod. Jizmatron]
Being. - Lucy
Liam Finn - Second Chance
Putty In Her Hands - New Zealand Music
Fleur Adcock - 1. The Pangolin, 2. Country Station
Alastair Galbraith & Demarnia Lloyd - Merry-Go-Round
The Kiwi Animal - Woman and Man Have Balance
Butler - Bang, Bang
Kim Blackburn - Oceania
Albert Wendt - 1. Town and Village, 2. Conch Shell
Turiiya - Waitangi
Sleeping Corpse - Patupaiarehe's Bush
Besser and Prosser - Dark Wind: Three Impressions -- I. The Sea Breathes
James K Baxter - Poem in the Matukituki Valley
The Maniapoto Voices - Hinemoa
Aerial Railway - Going to Coromandel
All Fall Down - Holding Tide
Canterbury Rams - Simple Mind
Ian McDonald - Kea Country
Birdation - Bird for the Face
Terror of Tinytown - Deep Inside
Rapture - Cry For You Only
Frank Stein - No Time No space.
John Cousins - Sleep Exposure (sound document)
The Vibraslaps - Cold Cold Air
Miles - Death & The Dreamlife of Elephants
David Adison - Janus is One
Kiwi Ora - Information Gathering
The Starbugs - Kiwi Kids
The Perfect Garden - Amelia
Wax Chattels - NRG
Tha Movement - Graduated
French Concession - Moon Palace
Beath Rhythm Fashion - Turn Of The Century
Girlboss - Gottage
Diana Rozz - Walk On By
Bad Friend - Panic Attack
milk - Signal Me in the Mirror
J. Flyger - Tomi Honda
Tāl - Lights
Offal - doobiescoo - Vitamin Water Bong
Ounce - Satan II
Glove - Monkey Business
Southside of Bombay - What's The Time Mr. Wolf
Troy Kingi - Aztechknowledgey
Ladi6 - Royal Blue
JessB - Set It Off
La De Das - Don't You Stand In My Way
Wax Chattels - Career
Lawrence Arabia - A Little Hate feat. Heather Mansfield
Kody Nielson - Christopher's Birthday
Connan Mockasin - Do I Make You Feel Shy?
Spring Break - Kisses
Boycrush - Song For Alex
The Beths - Future Me Hates Me
The Grow Room - Playa Play The Game (feat. Affsid Kidjhagiffy, Cleophus, Foolish Soto, Hasji, Dave Urso & Edamame)
MeloDownz - $on of a Queen (prod. Baccyard)
Raiza Biza - Strong Woman [Remix feat. REMI]
Unknown Mortal Orchestra - Hunnybee
Miss June - Twitch
DBLDBL - Gold Series
tei. - O.K. (feat. emilio, Leaping Tiger, Swami)
Carb on Carb - Mitimiti
Miss June - Twitch
P.H.F. - Girls
Host Club - Week After Week
Dirty Pixels - You Took My Mind
New Gum Sarn - Money Talks
Dad Jokes - Bad Friend
Scuba Diva - Marimba
Street Chant - Stoned Again
Blam Blam Blam - Talkback King
Look Blue Go Purple - Cactus Cat
Eyeliner - Sneakers For Men
Purple Pilgrims - Thru Evry Cell
Astro Childen - Beneath the Visible Surface
Marlon WIlliams - Beautiful Dress
Unknown Mortal Orchestra - The World Is Crowded
Coco Solid - Crop That Back
imugi 이무기 - Paradise
Cave Circles - MIRRORS (feat. Parks)
Baby Zionov - Sweet City
D A N C E = D A N C E = I N S U R R E C T I O N - A Libra Baby - Soft X Sweet (DDI - hella souped up mix)
holk hogon & mc custard - based
Unknown Mortal Orchestra - Everyone Acts Crazy Nowadays
Bobandii - Gardens (feat. Pearl McClintock)
tei. - O.K. (feat. emilio, Leaping Tiger, Swami)
Pumice - Haemochromatosis Bring a Plate
Being. - Lucy
Mermaidens - Fade
Glove - Monkey Business
Raiza Biza - Strong Woman [Remix feat. REMI]
d. tyrone - just the way i feel
d. tyrone - melody breaks (body mix)
k2k - Malibu
Simon Jackson - Need Someone (To Be There And To Hold Me)
Marlon Williams - Party Boy
milk - Signal Me in the Mirror
SWIDT, Diggy Dupe, Melodownz, JessB, Rizvan - Off The Top
Villette - Missed Call
Ladi6 - Royal Blue [Silent Jay, Sensible J and Leigh Fisher Remix]
Affsid Kidjhagiffy - The Real Potato Bro
Cardi B - Bodak Yellow (Santa Kills Remix)
Mapili - BAD BOY
Surly - Scare Em To Death