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Metal Machine Music: May 27 2018

Contractually Obligated NZ Music Special

Witcyst - Blinking THAT
CJA - I'll Steal Ya Loose Change
The Aesthetics - Bionica
Gate - Yourface
Armice Pumb Pit - Nice Shape
Sticky Filth - Weep Woman Weep
The Gordons - Coalminers Song
Nocturnal Projections - Isn't That Strange
Shoes This High - Not Weighting
King Loser - Dead Fish
Peter Gutteridge - Hang On
Donald McPherson - Buckets of Rain
Lovely Midget - Red Hut
girlboss - No Clue
This Kind Of Punishment - Instrumental
The Rip - River Chasm
Dadamah - Scratch Sun
The Great Unwashed - Can't Find Water
CUTSS - Say U Will
David Mitchell and Denise Roughan - Jewel
The Bottletops - Action
Scorched Earth Policy - Mekong Delta Blues