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Altin Gün - Leyla

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Metal Machine Music: May 05 2019

Dr Id - He's Got A Head On Him Like A Rabbit
Gandalf The Grey - A Young Girl Just Died
Heldon - Zind Destruction
FNU Ronnies - Herb Albert
The Golden Dawn - My Time
The Deviants - I'm Coming Home
The And Band - Holier Than Thou
The Only Ones - Why Don't You Kill Yourself?
Captain Beefheart and His Magic Band - Sugar N Spikes
Fire Water Air - Time Travel
Butthole Surfers - Wichita Cathedral (Live)
Flipper - Ever
Blessed - Deep Frenzy
Ceramic Hobs - All Psychiatrists Are Bastards
Deep Wound - Psyched To Die
Grim - Field 1987 III
Harry Taussig - R R Bill & Co
Andrew Dice Clay - Kids
The Cop Killers - Calma Atmosphere
Asbestos Rockpyle - Police State
Guided by voices - Alright
Door & The Window - Don't Kill Colin
Down With People - Discarded
Faust - Listen To The Fish
Fifty Foot Hose - Red The Sign Post
Dadamah - High Time