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Metal Machine Music: February 18 2018

Hijokaidan - The Wreck of a Once Promising Youth
Crude - Homecomin Rondo
King Loser - Bitch on Heat (FULL ALBUM)
Collective Horizontal - Tortured Meanderings
The Baloney Heads - I'm a Drunk
Jim Shepard - Night Time (From Above You Came)
Henry Flynt - Violin Strobe
The Human Beast - Circle of The Night
Indian Summer - Another Tree Will Grow
Bert Jansch - Needle of Death
Earles & Jensen - Trish Calls Beastie From Soulcracker (Live on WFMU)
Crime - Terminal Boredom
Eddy Detroit - Mephisto Cigars (Folk Version)
Alan and Richard Bishop - The Flower
Skip Spence - All Come to Meet Her
The Bachs - Sitting
Armice Pumb Pit - Rock
The Attack - Magic in The Air (aka Watch With Mother)
Angry Samoans - STP Not LSD
Bob Dylan - Visions of Johanna
Lovely Midget - Bad Breakfast