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Metal Machine Music: April 07 2019

Killer Bug - Masked Porno STar
Blasphemy - Blasphemy
Necrophagia - Witchcraft
Strid - Death Warrior
Ives - Burning The Incense, Amanita Virosa
Self Harm - Adapt To Self Inflicted Chemical Torture
Iron Cross - Bloodlust
Sutekh Hexen - Equinox
Xasthur - Dwelling Beneath The Woods
Throne - Their Great Names
Ungod - Magicus Tallis Damnatio
Rat Attack - Cold Dungeons
Reencanacion - Un Minuto De Vida Y Un Siglo D Muerte
Venom - Sacrifice
Satan's Wrath - All of Us Witches
The Unsane - Clouds of Death
Sabbat - Blacking Metal
Torturkammer - Torpid Yet Sentient
Urgehal - Towards Dimension Unseen
Utarm - Wrapped Around The Horns of Beeng
Reverend Bizarre - Sodoma Sunrise