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Metal Machine Music: 03 March 2019

Lee Ranaldo - Bloomington Indianna
Crude - Action Stations
Intersystems - This Is A Dictum
The Mothmen - Tardis (Sweep Is Dead, Long Live Sweep)
Pere Ubu - The Book Is on The Table
World Domination Enterprises - Asbestos Lead Asbestos (Heavy Pollution Mix)
Heratius - Les Pelouses
High Rise - Induced Depression
Jessica Rylan - The Bottomless Pit of My Heart
INflatable Boy Clams - Snoteleks
Guided by voices - Optional Bases Opposed
Flower Travellin' Band - Hiroshima
John Cale - Sabotage
It Hurts - Division
Ben Reynolds - Spools
Jaloppy - Laced Whisky Bottle
Bent Wind - Sxared Cows
Crash Course In Science - Someone Reads (Live In Philadelphia 1981)
Earles & Jensen - Waking Up Alone on the 4th of July
Ceramic Hobs - T.A Death
Ferial Confine - The Flying Fish
The Cucumbers - Ambiguous Ambition
The Gordons - Laughing Now
The Attack - Mr Pinmody's Dilemma
Jim Shepard - The Jet Magazine Interview
The Honkies - Honkattack 1 2 3