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Freak the Sheep: August 22nd, 2018

The Clean - Getting Older
The Chills - Pink Frost
Ngahiwi Apanui - He Whakapapa
Free Radicals - Don't Ask
Bilders - Snake (aka Drive Drive)
The Trephines - Wellington
Lawrence Arabia - Meaningless Words
Yumi Zouma - In Camera
Chaos In The CBD - Multiverse
DJ Simon Dallow - K8R2U
Body Beat Ritual - Mortal Sin
Sandboards - Nights Over Taieri
Roy Montgomery - Mirage feat. Purple Pilgrims
Indi - Precipice
Shihad - Brightest Star
The Beths - River Run
Wax Chattels - In My Mouth
Miss June - Twitch
Hans Pucket - Straight To My Heart
Carb on Carb - Mitimiti
Anthonie Tonnon - Two Free Hands
Early Sans - Saturn's Signal