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To close or not to close?

Stuart McCutcheon on changes at The University of Auckland

To close or not to close? To close or not to close? , 21.02 MB
Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Stuart McCutcheon, Vice Chancellor of The University of Auckland, speaks with Lucy Austin about the direction of the university and the recent controversy surrounding the closure of the Creative Arts libraries:

In light of recent events such as the library closures and funding to arts being repeatedly cut I thought it was important to have a chat with the man in charge himself, Vice Chancellor Stuart McCutcheon. The most significant criticism has been a lack of communication with both students and staff. With bFM being the university radio station it seemed the perfect platform to open up this dialogue and get to know the Vice Chancellor a bit better. This is part of a two part series, the second half focuses on the library closures and construction work. Lucy Austin started the interview by asking Stuart to share a little bit about how he came to his role.

Photo credit: University of Auckland