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The Tuesday Wire; September 3, 2019

The Tuesday Wire; September 3, 2019

The Tuesday Wire; September 3, 2019 The Tuesday Wire; September 3, 2019, 109.82 MB
Tuesday, September 3, 2019

 On the Tuesday Wire, Oscar tries to fill the shoes briefly left by Olivia, and brings together a very full show. 

We were lucky enough to be joined by;

Nick Smale and Noel Watson of The West Auckland Licensing Trusts Action Group join us to discuss the local body elections and their requests that the Waitakere and Portage Licensing Trusts hold a vote at the 2019 local body elections. The vote would decide if The Trusts should keep or lose their monopoly rights.

This week on Green Desk Mitch speaks to University of Canterbury’s Jo Carpenter who recently published her thesis on seed dispersal in Aotearoa’s flightless birds. The research had a rather specific focus on Weka, which are often be seen as a nuisance amongst campers and trampers, however Jo’s research has discovered that Weka are excellent seed dispersers and are essential to the survival of certain species. The research also showed the significant implications of human interaction with Weka, where those which experienced interaction through camping or picnicking tended to be 40 and 50% less effective in their role functions. Mitchell and Jo discuss the findings of her research and begins by asking her how it began and what she was set out to achieve.

Over the past month there have been further developments in Sudan as the peaceful protests have resulted in political change. Isabella spoke with Sudanese-American activist Wafa Elamin about what to expect from the new power-sharing arrangement, the potential impact of democratic Sudan and the role of the Sudanese diaspora. She began by asking Wafa about the state of Sudanese politics now.

and finally, we talk to Genevieve Brown of Communities and Residents about her campaign.