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CHAII - Trouble

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The Swap Meet 8 September 2019

Back to the grill again!

Paul Hardcastle - Rain Forest (Original Mix)
The Armed Gang - All I Want
Bernice Watkins - Let's Call it a day
carly simon - Why 12" Mix
Seawind - Long, Long Time
Bar-Kays - We're The Happiest People In The World
Candye Edwards - Time Is What You Need
Synthia - Tonight you might
Synthia - Dissolve
Jungle Brothers - Striaght out the jungle
Linda Clifford - We've Got Our Chance
The Emotions - You're The Best
Tyrone Brunson - Don't You Want It
Aaron Broomfield - Don't Cover Up Your Feelings
Dennis Edwards - Don't Look Any Futher
Billy Brooks - Fourty Days
Linda Clifford - I Just Want To Hold You
France Joli - Gonna Get Over You
Jeanette "Lady" Day - Come Let Me Love You
High Resolution - Sweepinin' Off
Beloyd - Get into your life
Dolette McDonald - Special
Larry Graham - Just Call My Name
Candye Edwards Ft. Al Hudson - I Can't Give Up On You
Starshine - All I Need Is In You (Instrumental)
Rafael Cameron - For The Love Of You
"D" Train - You're The One For Me
Inner Life - Let's Change It Up
Steven - Invitation only
Leroy Hutson - Butterfat