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The Swap Meet, 26 May 2019

Soul from the Shaky Iles! 100% NZ Music this week, featuring a special mix from Dujon Cullingford: Disco Downunder: NZ Funk, Disco & R&B from '76-'84, spanning 70 mins Dujon has put in work crafting a mix that will get your Mark II Zephyr humming. Peter Mac also joins us and shares some goodies.

Shogun Orchestra - Mam M'Voye Peze Cafe
Ardijah - Which way is up?
P-Base Expressway - Thundercleez
Snap - Sidewalk City
IQU - Witchcraft
Eru Dangerspiel - Chilli Moules
Hi-Revving Tongues - Watermelon Man
Pacific Eardrum - Listen
Sahara - Boogie Blues
Collision - I can't help it
Spyz - Little girl
Dragon - Four Short Solos
Ceratin Sounds '81 - Livin' without your love
Salty - I Like it
Golden Harvest - Come together
Dragon - People at my door
Johnny Rocco - Good time
Kim Hart - You're so deceiving
Johnny Rocco Band - Good time
Kim Hart - You're so deceiving
Rock Candy - Whispers
Lee Connolly & Steve Gerrish - Brighton Breach
3 Voices - New World
Leo de Castro's Babylon - Hindley Street
Urban Road - Say no more
Salty Dogg - Born to boogie
Rock Candy - I'm gonna fall in love tonight
John Rowles - I'll live without love
Dale Garrett - Come with praise
Pacific Eardrum - Flyin' Home
Margaret Urlich - Escaping
Shona Laing - One in a million
Troy Kingi - Predetermined Machine
Trasch - Half man crazy
SJD - Nite Club
Cloud Michaels - Strange Forces
Leonard Charles - Tropical Shirt Technique
Continental Airlines Auckland Brass - Sir Duke
Mary & The Maoris - Funky Broadway
Rodger Fox Big Band - Stolen Moments
Jam This Record (Robert Racic Remix) - Love is an ocean