Saturday 9am - 11am

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Nas - Cops Shot the Kid

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The Swap Meet 2 February 2020

Jubt and Apera back with you, running the gambit from hip-hop to jazz, some modern soul, beats, disco and boogie.

Loose Joints - Is it all over my face (Female version)
George Butts - I love you so much
Magnum Force - Girl you're too cool
Hokis Pokis - City rhythm
The Chapparals Pt 1 - Shake your head
Madelaine - Who is she and what is she to you?
Camille Doughtry - Elijah Rock
Jacky Giordano - Steel mangoes
Benny Sings - Music
Oliver Sain - Space Dance
Promise - I'm not ready for love
Thundercat w/Steve Lacy & Steve Arrington - Black qualls
Benny Sings - Nakameguro ft Faberyayo
Pearly Queen - Quit Jive In
Vise - We tried it we made it
Galaxy - Disco funk
Platinum Hook - What you want
The Chi Lites - Bottoms up groove
Five Special - Sexy lady
Keni Burke - Hang Tight
The Rah Band - Two Bodies
Bab - Party & get on down
Foster Sylvers - Misdemeanor
Kool & The Gang - Summer Madness
Ramsey Lewis - Sun Goddess
Sidiku Buari - Funkytown
Ratgrave - Ein Kola Bitte
Circuitry - Last days of Cybotron
Taitham, Mensah, Lord & Ranks - Life after subway
Saul - No fuss, no fight
Rodney Feanklin - Stay in the groove (Dollar bin jam)
Hotline - Stay Close
Johnny Hammond - Shifiting Gears
Suff Daddy - Lamborarri
Flamingo - Indigo
Bobby Rush - Bow legged woman, knock kneed man