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Ohio Players - Fire

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The Hard, Fast & Heavy Show: September 29, 2019

GAZM - Fuck You
UV-TV - You're High
Conflict - Law and Order
Dead Nation - Battlescared
Dropdead - at the cost of an animal
Vexx - Falling Down
Fuck On The Beach - Hate Myself
Capitalist Casualties - Government Clean-up Plan
Free Kitten - Secret Sex Fiend
Cereal Killer - Your Punk Scene Can Suck It
Zig Zags - No Brainers, No Balls
Rogernomix - Grotty Politics
Slayer - Angel of Death
Agathocles - Big One
Arsedestroyer - Untitled trax
Easy Off - Planned Obsolescence
Lip Cream - Amateur Baby
DAHTM - Deep In The Dank
Suppression - Human Fear
Suppression - Gangland Bodystack'em
Wasteland - Stabbed In The Face
Abhorer - Abandonment of Chastity
Mutation - Cannabalistic Horror
Teen Idles - I Drink Milk
Gee Tee - Death Race
Flux of Pink Indians - Tube Disaster
Los Crudos - Crudo Soy
Libation - Invocating Upon the Unhallowed
The Darkness Against the Light - Surrender of Divinity
Larma - Satsa Pa Dig Sjalv
Doom - Police Bastard
Booji Boys - Contrition
Real Reggae - Complete Magi System
Flash Gordon - Fuck So Fine
Impiety - Ceremonial Necrochrist Redesecration
Our Glorious(?) Dead - Lifelock
Sial - Bila Bila
City Hunter - Stab and Repeat
Cult Ritual - Failed
Clockcleaner - NSA
Total Abuse - DNA Evidence
Anxiety - Delayed
Braincell - LCD
Rashomon - An Inviting Hand
Kyosanto - Warning
Zyanose - Blinded Reality
Distant Fear - Mortal Column
Distant Fear - Fatal Displeasure