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Chastity Belt - Rav-4

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The Hard, Fast & Heavy Show: September 15, 2019

Larma - Avstandets Psykologi
Kitchen People - Bad Mates
Muro - No Mas
Loose Nukes - Behind The Screen
His Hero Is Gone - Carry On
Lago Vostok - Arctowski
Blood Pressure - Kick The Ladder
Le Shok - White Tie You Die
Bones Brigade - Disgruntled Old Dick
Dead Kennedys - Well Paid Scientist
H100s - Destroy Cleveland
Ringworm - Blind To Faith
Poison Idea - Cop An Attidude
Lip Cream - Terror
Integrity - Systems Overload
No Trend - Family Man
Nihilistics - Kill Yourself
piggery - Blood Into Piss
Warhog - Levitated Corpse
Hellnation - The Shit Inside Your Head
CFDL - Religion Sucks
IMPULSO - Scontro Essenzialle
Condor - La Mer A Boire
Liquids - Brandon's In Jail
Nancy - (I'm A) Man
Rudimentary Peni - Media Person
ETA - I Don't Believe In Unity
Hankwood And The Hammerheads - It's Murder
Negative Approach - Nothing
Stress Ghetto - Unregistered Firearms
Bowel Rupture - Virus
Pvnisher - Feed Me The Fetus
ZHUKOV - Join The Brick Throwers' Union Today
Cheetah Chrome Motherfuckers - Ultracore
Rogernomix - Grotty Politics
Witchtrial - INTRO/The Prowling Sleep
Post Teens - Bleached Heads
Mukeko Di Rato - Cobra Criada
Los Crudos - Asesinos
Cress - Own Eyes
Conflict - Neither is This
Color TV - No Reason
The Coneheads - Notha Thang
7 Seconds - I Hate Sports
Dead Nation - What Are You Gonna Do About It
Unsanitary Napkin - Barf Out Loud
DD Owen - Plane
Wretched - Prova A Guardare
Concrete Sox - Senile Fools
Eyehategod - Anxiety Hangover
Pallid Branches... Laden With Rotten Fruit - Enshroud
Macho Boyz - Victim To Blame
Concealed Blade - INTRO/Marked For Death
Concealed Blade - Blame Game