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The Hard, Fast & Heavy Show: March 15 2020

The Partisans - 17 Years Of Hell
Minor Threat - Bottled Violence
The Peechees - Do The Math
Lost Sounds - I Get Nervous
Crispus Attucks - My God Rides A Skateboard
His Hero Is Gone - The Willing Host
Warthog - Top Shelf
Macho Boys - Stop The Hate
Bloody Winds - ...Like Worms
The Kill - Dead on the floor 30 seconds in the first band
Insect Warfare - untitled
Corpsefeast - corpse zombie
Tormentor - Tormentor
Gehenna - Ours to devour
Concrete Sox - Emminent Scum
fanebearer - afgaet
no less - captain morgans wild rides
Lugubrum - beard of disease
Poison Idea - Self Abuse
MK-Ultra - Suburban Sprawl
Nightbirds - Born To Die in Suburbia
Oblivians - And Then I Fucked Her
Trash Knife - Locked Out
Flux of Pink Indians - Tube Disaster
Crass - Banned From The Roxy
The Intelligence - The World Is A Drag
The Traditional Fools - Layback!!!
Coachwhips - You Gonna Get It
Dickies - Paranoid
Commando - Effigy
Headcleaners - Death Threat (Extrem P)
Violent Headache - Armchair Conformist
Ildjarn - Stov Og Aske
Witchtrial - Hammer On The Hearse
Unsanitary Napkin - Barf Out Loud
Stench Of Corpse - Eye Removal
Torture Chain - Part I
Warsore - Stop Posing And Kill Someone
Mortuary Drape - Funeral Chant
Misfits - We Are 138
Larma - Ni Kan Se Mig
Spazz - Nuge On A Stick
Los Crudos - Asesinos
DS-13 - Umea Hardcore
Code 13 - Mondo Aggro
Mission of Burma - This is not a photograph
Husker Du - Lets Go Die
Bratmobile - Stab
Red C - Pressure's On
S.O.A. - I Hate the Kids
Physique - Miserable Existence
DD Owen - PLane