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Jayda G - Both Of Us

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The Hard, Fast & Heavy Show: February 23, 2020

Jay Reatard - Blood Visions
Electric Chair - House of Abuse
Dark Thoughts - Addicted To Debt
Nots - Dust Red
Huggy Bear - No Sleep
RMFC - First World Pressure
ETA - Killed By Skateboarding
Larma - Samma Pack
Fugazi - Public Witness Program
UBIK - Peter Dutton is a Terrorist
Armor - Fraud
Wand - Self Hypnosis in 3 Days
Rogernomix - Grotty Politics
Feral Blood - Call Of The Wild
Spiteful Urinator - Bastards Among Us/Nontransferrable Scenario
No Trend - Mindless Little Insects
Noxo - Dream Lover
Iron Monkey - Bad Year
Concealed Blade - Bend the steel
piggery - back to soil
Potion - Women of the wand
Electric Chair - Law Means Nothing
Chain Whip - On A Rope
pisse - Keine Freundin
Night Birds - Prognosis Negative
OFF! - Meet Your God
Hot Snakes - Automatic Midnight
Scholastic Deth - UC = unhindered capitalism
Judy And The Jerks - Our Lips Are Sealed
BB Eye - Cherry Cola
Booji Boys - New Replacement
Unsanitary Napkin - Barf Out Loud
TVX - Daktopian Dreams
Black Forest - Suffer
FIlthy Lucifer - Electrified Suicide
Creep Stare - Cop Problem
Beherit - Werewolf, Semen and Blood
Raspberry Bulbs - Lusty Climbing
Poison Idea - Ugly American
Robber - Icehead
Warthog - MFS
DD Owen - Plane
Aborted Tortoise - Shit For Brains
Huggy Bear - Pansy Twist
Nation of Ulysses - Perpetual Motion Machine
GOGGS - She Got Harder
What Happens Next? - Rat Bastard
Enzyme - Howling MInd
Wipers - Youth of America