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Crap Date - 600 Abs

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The 95bFM Top Ten: Wednesday June 26, 2019

Scott Mannion - Be Your Mine
The Field Mice - Emma's House
Alice Cohen & The Channel 14 Weather Team - Faces in the Rain
Burial - Claustro
Pvnisher - Private Hell
Team Dresch - Your Hands My Pockets
Repulsive Woman - When I Get Good
Jeanines - Hits The Bone
Wink - Glass No Kokoro
Yuri Morozov - Shall Come Forth the Demons
Sampa The Great - Final Form
Louise Huebner - The Demon Spell for Energy
Coven - Dignitaries of Hell
Surf Friends - Outdoors
le tigre - My My Metrocard
Rizván - GET UP feat. BeNZa
Randa - Rock Bottom
Contenders - Dead Brain Rot
Amamelia - Drop It Low