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The 95bFM Top Ten: Wednesday July 31, 2019

JessB - MOOD
DJ Nate - Aww Baby What U Waitin
Special Request - Ardkore Dolphin
Die! Die! Die! - Casualties of Decades
SoccerPractise - Posture
Clairo - Sofia
Ava Luna - Weight of Your Life
Power Nap - Forever Man
Toy Love - Squeeze
Terry - Drawn for Days
Dinamarca - Luna feat. Pierre Kwenders
Mae West - A Guy What Takes His Time
Hello Sailor - Gutter Black
Surf Friends - You've Got To Know
Dirty Pixels - Julipa
The Amps - First Revival
Wukong the Monkey King 悟空 - Decay
Flying Fish Cove - Andrew and Allie
alexa casino - Die Like A Rose feat. imugi 이무기
Zhukov - Join The Brick Throwers' Union Today