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Metal Machine Music: September 10 2017

Total - Alien Penetration
Deathchurch - Ritual of Bloodletting
Return to Beneath The Planet of Adrenalin O.D VS Godzilla
Adrenalin O.D - Return To Beneath The Planet of Adrenalin O.D VS Gododzilla
Steve Treatment - Hooked On A Trend
Bastard Deceiver - Anguish
Autopsy - Impending Dread
White Hospital - Robotomy Operation
Gordons - Gone Machine
Celia Mancini - Kiasu
The Stepford Five - Cave of Love
Aunt Mary - 270 Tracks
Pussy Galore - Teen Pussy Power
P16.D4 - Ereignisse (1-3)
Teenage PHD's - Too Bored To Die
Ceramic Hobs - Used Goods/Damaged Goods
Flipper - Sex Bomb
Black Mass Of Absu - Harder Than Goat Feces In Winter
Rusted Shut - Come To The Well
Celtic Frost - Into Crypts of Rays
Shop Assistants - Ace of Spades
Sloth - Drugs
Consumer Electronics - Fellatio
Electric Wizard - I, The Witchfinder
Godflesh - Veins
Backyard Burial - Cactus Coffin
Bethlehem - Supplementary Exegesis
Teenage Jesus and The Jerks - No Morality