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No Trend - Teen Love [12" Version]

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Metal Machine Music: September 09 2018

Heathen's Rage - City of Hell
Hellhammer - Decapitator
Forgjord - Fratres Militiae Inferi
Utarm - The Oldest Man Under The Earth
Throne - Their Great Names
Total Abuse - Looking For Love
Traumatic - Grotesque Mutilation of Infested Organs
Unholy Grave - Invisible Bleeder
Sodom - Witchhammer
Gorgoroth - Heavens Fall
Excidium - Apocalypse Corpse
Tsjuder - Age of Destruction
Usurper - Slavehammer
Evocation - The Ancient Gate
Today Is The Day - Satan Is Alive
Esoteric - Infanticidal Fantasies
Cold - Consumed By Evil
Electric Wizard - Scorpio Curse
Funeral - Night & Fog
Henry Cow - Living in The Heart of The Beast
Ildjarn - Blikkets Storhet
Insanity - Attack of Archangels
Grotesque - Blood Runs From The Altar
Slayer - Piece By Piece
Misery's Omen - Fiendish Ghoul
Mercyful Fate - Curse of The Pharoahs
Infernal Majesty - None Shall Defy