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Annabel Lee - Hi Hi Hi

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Metal Machine Music: Oct 15 2017

Draugurz - When The Shadows Lie
Belketre - Goebtrevoryalbe
Slaegt - Move In Chaos
Ovskum - Untitled
Vinterland - Still The Night Is Awake
Cornigr - Discord
Gorgoroth - Gorgoroth
Vulgaari - Dirt from the Grave
Celestial Bloodshed - Truth Is Truth, Beyond The God
Blasphemy - Darkness Prevails
Debauchery - Passed To An Eternal Silence
Austere - To Fade With The Dusk
Ysigim - Bringing Eternal
Anti - Mourning SOul
I Shalt Become - Thorns
Burzum - En Ring Til AA Herske
Morbid - My Dark Subconscious
Judas Iscariot - Midnight Frost
Nifelheim - Sodomizer
Nehemah - I Will Sleep With The Dragon
Fimbulwinter - When The Fire Loops From The Ash Mountain
Odz Manouk - I Will Crush To Marrow This Crow of Ill