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Kate Owen - The Void

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Metal Machine Music: January 21 2018

Vajra - Tokei (Live)
Peter Hammill - Nobody's Business
Nocturnal Projections - You'll Never Know
The Petticoats - Normal
Cicciolina - Ragnatelarock
Rancid Hellspawn - Dengui Doll
J T IV - You Know I Love You DOn't You?
X_X - A
Alex Chilton - Little Fishy
Pere Ubu - Heart of Darkness
Mr. Hagerman - Johnosaurus Wayne
Pigeon Religion - Crystallized Meth
Moth Slasher - Watch You Die
Stick Men With Ray Guns - Nazi Cowboys (On Welfare)
Neil Hamburger - A Score to Settle
Current Obsessions - Woe Man
Red Krayola - Former Reflections Enduring Doubt
Elklink - Tension Tec
Carlyle Williams - The Price
Mike Rep & The Quotas - Steppin' Fetchit Is Dead
Michael Morley - CNDYSYS
Military Position - Babes ov Babylon
Infest - Fetch The Pliers
Ceramic Hobs - Hospital Detective
Sun City Girls Meet Eddie Detroit - Pyxxymphonie
Susi Unto - Vaaraaliinen Koe
Feedtime - My Girlfriend's Back
Tim Tam & The Turn Ons - Wait a Minute
Nothing Band - 03
The Great Unwashed - Toadstool Blues
Meat Puppets - WHat To Do
Alice Cooper - Under My Wheels