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Björk - Isobel

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Metal Machine Music: 29 April 2018

100 Flowers - Strip Club
Lustmord - Headplate (Live)
Graeme Jefferies - In View of The Circumstances (Live at Wine Cellar)
Graeme Jefferies - Often Unmade (Live at Wine Cellar)
Jim Shepard - Untitled 6
Kiwi Animal - This Day
Ceramic Hobs - Occasional Drizzle
Bendle and the Casual Labourers - Masks
Jandek - Spiritual Song
Comus - The Bite
Come - Come Sunday
Ruins - B.U.G
Mauthausen Orchestra - Untitled
Earles & Jensen - Change it into "Kenny" from South Park
Royal Trux - Kool Down Wheels
Xanadu - Red Hawk
Nervous Gender - People Like You
The Engima - Play With Fire
Joy Division - Atrocity Exhibition (Demo)
Cabaret Voltaire - Data Processing Instructions
The Flying Brix - Singing Fields
bob dylan - Desolation Row
Maxine Funke - Crab Song
The Dead C - Mighty/Helen Said This (Live 1995)