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Merce Lemon - Disco Ball

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Metal Machine Music: 22 April 2018

JFK - Temple of Set
Thorns - Aeerie Descent
Ulysses Siren - Lake of Fire
Unholy Grave - At The Crypt
Sticky Filth - Weep Woman Weep
Upsidedown Cross - Mass in Blood
Nuclear Death - Proposing To The Impaled
The Unsane - Inverted Crosses
Triptykon - Descendant
Ungod - Silence in the Golden Halls of Hope
Sorhin - Skogsgriftens Rike
Toil - Mistress of The Depp (Part II)
To Live And Shave In L.A - I Suppress Nothing
Madonna - Like a Prayer
Morbid Angel - Thy Kingdom Come
Swordfuck - Split Wide Open
Total - Mantling
Thrones - Coal Sack
Torture - Whips
Stormtrooper - Armies of The Night
Rainbow - Stargazer
Tyrant - Bells of Hades
Torturkammer - Torpid Yet Sentient
Sigh - Ready For The Final War