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Metal Machine Music: 11 March 2018

Earles & Jensen - Barbara's Husband Clears The Air
Peach of Immortality - 2 December 84
Victor Dimisich Band - Lounge Bar
Ceramic Hobs - All Psychiatrists are Bastards
Cromagnon - Crow of The Black Tree
Crude - Cuneiform Specialists
Hawkwind - Lord of Light
Dadamah - Papa Doc
Dave Bixby - Secret Forest
Peter Laughner - Life Stinks
The David - Mirrors of Wood
Destroy All Monsters - Hungry for Death
Ramleh - Black Moby Dick
DNA - Delivering The Good
Donald McPherson - First Frost
John Cale - Dream Interpretation
Sinking Ships - Weight Loss
Guided By Voices - Ex-Supermodel
Half Japanese - Acupuncture
The Other Half - Oz Lee Eaves Drops
Sky - The Dead C