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Damaged Bug - Sold America

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Hard Fast & Heavy Show: 27/10/19

Vaaska - Atrapados
Eel - Jump From The Tower
Irreal - Rebre
Sick Thoughts - On The Streets Tonight
Liquids - Dont Give A Fuck About You
C.C.T.V. - Paranoia
Tear it up - Through Being Cute
Negative Approach - Tied Down
Baby's Blood - Everybody Looks Like A Fucken Idiot
Khiis - Divooneh
Sick Thoughts - Im Going Nowhere And I Dont Care
Witchtrial - Void of Form
Excruciating Terror - In Control
Infest - Cold Inside
Reagan Youth - Degenerated
Unsanitary Napkin - Corporate Coup
Contenders - 122 Hours of Fear (Screamers Cover)
Stress Ghetto - Tour Split 2019
Autopsy - Necrocannabalistic Vomitorium
Lucifer's Hammer - The Burning Church
Shub Niggurath - Zatanazombie
Havohej - Weeping in Heaven
Absu - Immortal Sorcery
Red Death - Permanent Exile
Larma - Det Du Inte Ska Se
Root - Vyslech
Order From Chaos - Ophiuchus Rex
November Grief - Spine Worm
Mythic - Winter Solstice
Corrupted - Hay Que Joderse
Winter - Servants Of The Warsmen
Psalm 9 - Trouble
Buzzov*en - I Hate
Noothgrush - Hatred For The Species
Sheer Terror - Don't Hate Me Cause I'm Beautifulk
Dr Dre - Let Me Ride