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Border Radio with Bernie Griffen and Kirsten Warner 24-5-2020

New Zealand Music Month and Kiwi music all the way. Kirsten plays some of the best local tunes, more next time there's so much great local music. Bernie added his two cents worth then sat on the couch and snoozed....

Reb Fountain - Lighthouse
Glen Moffatt - Somewhere In New Zealand Tonight
The Broken Heartbreakers - Don't Even Think About Leaving
Graeme Allwright - Danse Moi Vers La Fin De L'Amour
Tex Morton - The Black Sheep
Delaney Davidson - You're A Loser
Fables - Dreamer
The Eastern - People Like Us
Barry Saunders - Here Comes Tomorrow
Lauren Thomson/Tami Neilson - No Good For My soul
tami neilson - You Were Minie
The Eastern - Breaks Like a Love Song
Miles Calder and The Rumours - Alextown
Tony Daunt and The Dauntless - Lonesome Highway
Aldous Harding - The Barrel
Tattletale Saints - Hank
Bernie Griffen and The Thin Men - Laura Jane
Into the East - On the Run
The Frank Burkitt Band - Paint the Town
Swampland - Honest Man
Bernie Griffen and The Thin Men - I Fell Out of the Sky
Katie Thompson - Stop Draggin' My Heart Around
marlon williams - Vampire Again
Brendan & Alison Turner - Ghost of a Friend
The Broadsides - What's Your Name
Donna Dean - Tyre Tracks and Broken Hearts