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Myele Manzanza - Judgement (For Andrew) feat. Raiza Biza

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border radio 3 /12

Neil Young - the old homestead
townes van zandt - mr mudd and mr gold
robert earle keen - this old porch
Slaid Cleaves - go for the gold
willie tea taylor - wandering boy
Julia Jacklin - Pool Party
jeffery martin - hand on a gun
jack wilson - timbertown
nirvana - in the pines
Violent Femmes - world we're living in
evan dando - my baby's gone
caleb caudel - missing holidays
Magic Factory - lonely traveller
Natural Child - country hippie blues
The Rolling Stones - far away eyes
The Beatles - rocky racoon
Old And In The Way - i ain't broke but i'm badly bent
Little Feat - oh atlanta
eastbound jesus - wherte the winter goes
hackensaw boys - limosin lady
jeffery focault - tea and tobacco
the honeycutters - little bird
courtney marie andrews - irene
Shovels And Rope - shank hil street