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Amelia's Secret: Wednesday June 6, 2018

Doris Stokes - Welcome to My World
Ernisto Verrecchia - Cruising Down The River
Aquarello - Morning Mists
Dagmar Krause - Surabaya Johnny
Tony Kinsey - Machine Age
Emerald Web - Lifeforce Celebration
Bruce Haack & Norman Bridwel - The Witch's Vacation
Unovidual & Tara Cross - Like I Am - Comme Je Suis
Robert Rental & Thomas Leer - The Hard Way In & The Easy Way Out
Marc Moulin - Tohubohu I
Writing On The Wall - Lucifer's Corpus
Bolt Thrower - In Battle There Is No Law
Charles Brown Superstar - Superstar Odyssey
Bongwater - David Bowie Wants Ideas
Candlemass - Marche Funebre
The Death Killers - Rocco's Modern Life
Luke Haines - Rock'n'Roll Animals in Space
Autumn - Doll Cries To Me
P Westwood - Night Walk
Amy Denio - Car Life
Elvis Presley - Lost in a Well
Tasaday - Nel Labirinto
Farrah Abraham - After Prom
C. W. Vrtacek - Emily, Are You Happy
Emily's Sassy Lime - Hello Yucko (booty mix)
Unknown - When You're Dreaming
Henry Flynt - Telsat Tune
Bill Orcutt - Sad News from Korea
The Jerrymanders and Wm. H. Arpaia - Listen Mister Hat
Shooby Taylor, The Human Horn - Stout-Hearted Men
Denim - American Rock