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Jorge Elbrecht - Ancient Grief

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95bFM Breakfast with Rachel: May 24, 2019

Today on your bFM Breakfast: It's the last day of 100% NZ music on bFM and Rachel reckons the suns out for it; Fabian Fanboy tells us about his chat with Will Smith, Aladdin and Brightburn; Dr. Kirsten Zemke brings in some Kiwi Country music, wow; Moana Maniopoto dials in to chat with Rachel about her new Single, ; Tim Batt, regular guest nowadays, talks about buying a new domain name; and Zoë gives you a guide to some laughs this weekend. Just happy to be here.

Screaming Meemees - Stars In My Eyes
P.H.F. - Queen feat. Clairo
jackaltheblackal - BLACKAL'S ENDSUMMER
Paul Cathro - King of Modesty
Dalvanius Prime, Patea Maori Club - Poi E
Gretel - Catch Me If You Can
Cut Off Your Hands - Higher Lows and Lower Highs
The Echo Ohs - Fool
Bic Runga - Sway
Swidt - Little Did She Know
Bad Timing - Avoca-Don't
Bailey Wiley - DWN4U feat. Noah Slee
Moana and the Tribe -
Cowboy Machine - To The Border
Brian Tamaki & the Kool Aid Kids - Eating Glue
Fever Party - Stay Lost
The Verlaines - I Am
Soaked Oats - Coming Up
JPSE - I Like Rain
Fruit Juice Parade - Rice Cooker
Fanfickk - Shreds
Transistor - Waiting To Be Free
Ounce - Electric Eye
SJD - I Wanna Be Foolish
Merk - Manchuria
pickle darling - Bicycle Weather
Dalvanius and The Fascinations - Voodoo Lady (Disco Version)