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Tūrama Festival

Tūrama Festival. July 26-28, Albert Park.

Have you ever been to Albert Park at night? If you’ve listened to your mum then probably not, but let me tell you - it’s dark. Real dark. Spooky possums dark. (There are possums there.)

But Tūrama Festival is here to change all that, and make night time in Albert Park actually pretty neat. For one weekend anyway.

Basically, Albert Park is gonna be packed with fancy light installations, interactive sculpture, roving performers, there’s going to films projected; they’re even tarting up the old fountain. But it’s not just lights - there’s fancy food trucks, they’ve sussed a cheeky liquor licence, and there’s live music from the likes of Yoko Zuna and Ed Zuccollo.

To top it all off it’s free to attend. Check out the specifics here.

Thanks to Trustpower

Tūrama Festival is part of Elemental AKL, Auckland's newest winter festival.

Full programme available here.