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95bFM presents Pluto

95bFM presents Pluto. Saturday, November 23rd at the Hollywood Avondale.

Is it a coincidence that 2005 was both when Pluto (band) released their landmark album Pipeline Under The Ocean, and the announcement that Pluto (planet) would no longer be considered a planet?

And! Taking this into account, could that possibly be related to Pluto (band) breaking up four years later in 2009, in the midst of recording their fourth (!) album!?

Will we ever know The Truth?

Real fans know.

Well, maybe now we can find out! The year is 2019, and while a bunch of other stuff has turned to shit, miraculously, Pluto (band) have reformed and are about to release their very much anticipated fourth album. Not only that, but they’re launching the album with a nice wee gig at the gorgeous Hollywood Avondale.

Don’t wait - get your tickets here now.