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Border Radio, June 2, 2019.mp3

Border Radio With Deputy Paul

Border Radio, June 2, 2019.mp3 mp3, 222.54 MB
Sunday, June 2, 2019

A show with a vibe centred around a chat with Adam McGrath of the Eastern. Townes, Bob Dylan, Son Volt, Anna Tivel for some folkyness. Then new tunes from The Felons, Bohannons, Mary Battiata & Cory Brannan. A big chat with Adam about his current tour and show at the Tuning Fork on June 8th, and playing a bit of Upper Hutt Posse in his honour. ( That ain't no Hank WIlliams song ! ) And then tapering off with Some crazy old 70's rednecks, back on the protest vibe Billy Bragg and Wilco and heaps more in between.