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The Wire with Ximena Smith

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The Wire with Tess: Carbon Emissions with Alex Kazaglis

Carbon Emission Carbon Emission, 18.76 MB
Fri 24 Mar 2017

Wire Producer Joel Thomas spoke to the author of a cross-party commissioned report, Alex Kazaglis, about how to make New Zealand carbon emission free

Lian Hong - "East meets West"

East meets West East meets West, 13.04 MB
Fri 24 Mar 2017

Lian-Hong talks about East meets West, an event held at AUT tonight which encourages diversity in the Arts.


The Wire with Tess: Friday 24 March,2017

The Wire with Tess: Friday 24 March,2017 The Wire with Tess: Friday 24 March,2017, 108.89 MB
Fri 24 Mar 2017

Join Host Tess and Producer Joel in your Friday Wire as they talk about a press conference following the release of Nicky Har-gers book ‘Hit and Run’.An interview with Alex Kazaglis, the usual Radio Adelaide’s Nicole Wedding for all the latest in Australian news and much more...


Human rights lawyers press conference - Afghani civilian deaths

Press conference Press conference, 8.42 MB
Fri 24 Mar 2017

 95bFM producer, Joel Thomas, reports on the press conference he attended this morning held by human rights lawyers who are defending the residents in Afganistan.

Interview with physicist Dr Brian Greene

Interview with physicist Dr Brian Greene Interview with physicist Dr Brian Greene, 24.38 MB
Fri 24 Mar 2017

Dr Brian Greene is professor of physics and mathematics at Columbia University and co-founder of the World Science Festival, an annual week-long series of seminars and panel discussions that has taken place in New York since 2008 (loads of those panel discussions are available to watch here)

Ahead of his live talk this Sunday - A Time Travelers Tale - Dr Greene spoke to Hugh Sundae about string theory and science in the age of Trump.


Industrial Hemp Industrial Hemp, 6.9 MB
Thu 23 Mar 2017

A "secret" Ruatoria hemp trial planted in December is ready for harvest, and this Friday the community can come and smell, touch, smoke the plant, and learn what all the hype is about. Last year Hikurangi Enterprises secured a licence from the Ministry of Health to establish a small trial crop of industrial hemp in Ruatoria this growing season. The possibilities for industrial hemp include foodstuffs, health products, textiles and as a housing solution. Thursday Wire producer Jess Smith spoke to Manu Caddie from Hikurangi Enterprises this morning, to learn more about the trial, and began by asking about the uses of hemp.

The Wire with Joghai : The Internet of Things

NZ Tech .mp3 mp3, 10.58 MB
Thu 23 Mar 2017

bFM News director Ximena Smith has a chat to the chief executive of NZ-Tech Graeme Muller about their national research project, The Internet of Things

The Wire with Joghai: Oil Drill

Oil Drill Oil Drill, 4.18 MB
Thu 23 Mar 2017

Wire Prodicer Jess reports on the government’s plan to oil drill in 35.5% of the North Island’s Maui Dolphin sanctuary.

Examining the case for corporal punishment in schools

Examining the case for corporal punishment in schools Examining the case for corporal punishment in schools, 17.48 MB
Thu 23 Mar 2017

A National Party representative is calling for the return of corporal punishment in schools after a gang of teenages wreaked havoc over the weekend in the small Far North town of Kaikohe.  The gang, which consisted of children as young as 11, robbed a liquor store and vandalised a petrol station. But the Chair of the National Party's Kaikohe branch, Alan Price, says the underlying reasons for such youth disobedience is down to a lack of physical discipline, even going as far as saying it's a form of child abuse not to raise children with discipline. 95bFM reporter Adam Jacobson speaks with Julia Ioane, a Clinical psychologist who specialises in the area of youth justice, child behaviour and youth mental health about the subject, to really find out if there is any scientific backing to the calls for a return to physical discipline in the school system.