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The Wire with Conor Mercer

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Save our library

Save our library Save our library, 24.53 MB
Thu 12 Apr 2018

The University of Auckland has announced it will be reviewing its library and learning services with staff cuts and several libraries closing likely. They’ve been criticised for their lack of consultation during the process with many staff and students left in the dark. Lachlan spoke with former Elam student Rachel Ashby about the possible closure of the Fine Arts Library and why the library is so important.


Neutral Corner: The war for Syria, part one

Neutral Corner: The war for Syria, part one Neutral Corner: The war for Syria, part one, 16.2 MB
Thu 12 Apr 2018

This week, neutral corner is contrasting the coverage given to the United States of America's reponse to a chemical attack in the Syrian city of Douma by RT (formerly Russia Today) and Fox News.

This Day in History: 1961

This Day in History: 1961 This Day in History: 1961, 24.19 MB
Thu 12 Apr 2018

This Day in History takes us back to 1961, when after a race between the Soviet Union and America, the first human would be launched into space, a Soviet Cosmonaut named Yuri Gagarin.

Fuel tax: Good or bad?

Fuel tax: Good or bad? Fuel tax: Good or bad?, 6.63 MB
Thu 12 Apr 2018

For this Worry Week on the Wire we're looking at public transport. The Regional Fuel Tax ammendment bill was introduced to parliament late last month. The bill aims to raise funds for public transport infrastructures and will begin in Auckland. Jemima spoke to Ricardo Menendez March, spokesperson for Auckland Action Against Pverty about the increased fuel tax and what effect it will have on the poor. 

The Wire with Lillian: Wednesday 11th April

Wednesday Wire Wednesday Wire, 102.49 MB
Wed 11 Apr 2018

On Dear Science with AUT’s Allan Blackman we talk about power cuts, proteins, and Hydrogen.

Tracey Martin talks a bit about the Positive Ageing Strategy which is in the stage of conversations.

Producer Leah Garcia-Purves is investigating Public Transport for Wire Worry Week.

Reporter Darashpreet Johal has looked into the implications of the data profiling programme being used by Immigration NZ that has now been put on hold.

An investigation into Immigration NZ's controversial data profiling programme

The racial implications of data modelling The racial implications of data modelling, 8.09 MB
Wed 11 Apr 2018

Darashpreet Johal looks into the implications of the pilot programme being run by Immigration NZ for the past 18 months to profile and target overstayers. 

Bags Not NZ

Cutting back on Plastic Bags Cutting back on Plastic Bags, 24.8 MB
Tue 10 Apr 2018

Plastic Bags are a problem that needs solving. Leonard Powell catches up with James Blackwood from Bags Not NZ to chat about the problem, and what their campaign is doing to help. 

New Zealand Nurses Organisation: Rallies and Support Over the Next Fortnight

New Zealand Nurses Organisation New Zealand Nurses Organisation, 10.07 MB
Tue 10 Apr 2018

Wire host Conor speaks with the NZNO about their rallies for public support, and their goal to send a message to the government that NZ wants a better supported health industry, 

Promising New Findings For Polycistic Ovary Syndrome Research

Associate Professor Rebecca Campbell of the University of Otago, and new developments for PCOS research. , 16.31 MB
Tue 10 Apr 2018

Wire host Conor speaks with Associate Professor Rebecca Campbell, of the Uiversity of Otago. Rebecca is at the forefront of very exciting findings related to Polycystic Ovary Research. Her team has found promising results in a pre-clinical setting, which could bolster research in new directions. Her team is now coordinated with Sweedish clinicians to further reseach in a clinical environment.  

The Wire with Conor : 10th April 2018

Tuesday Wire Tuesday Wire, 106.31 MB
Tue 10 Apr 2018

Conor speaks with Georgia Chevoux, Campaign Supervisor for the New Zealand Nurses Organisation about the Health workers rally’s taking place this week

Producer Conor Knell has an interview with opposition spokesperson for health Michael woodhouse about dhb deficits.

Today on the Green Desk, Producer Jack Marshall talks to the Great Barrier Reef Foundation Managing Director Anna Marsden about coral.

Leonard talks to James Blackwood from Bags Not NZ, about single use plastic bags, what they are doing to minimise their usage and how everyone can play their part.

Conor speaks with Associate Professor Rebecca Campbell from the University of Otago about pretty exciting findings into Polycistic Ovary Syndrome research.

Finally we discuss public transport, Leonard got out and about with his phone and got peoples' opinions on public transport in the city.