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The One to Four with Pennie Black: November 19, 2018

Drahla - Twelve Divisions of the Day
Crows - Pray
The Clash - The Call Up
Big Black - The Model
Jamila Woods - Giovanni
Cherry Glazerr - Daddi
Night Beats - Her Cold Cold Heart
Kurt Vile - Loading Zones
The Black Angels - Young Men Dead
Baitercell - Hine Ruru feat. Huia
Spider and the Flies - Metallurge
Pill - A.I.Y.M?
B Boy - Energy
The Boys Next Door - Boy Here
Thundercat - A Fan's Mail/Tron Song Suite II (Chopnotslop Remix)
Julien Dyne - Design
Roxy Music - Editions Of You
Julien Baker - Sprained Ankle
Wild Nothing - Letting Go
A Flock Of Seagulls - Nightmares
The Moonlandingz - Black Hanz
Ounce - Electric Eye
The Wytches - Wire Frame Mattress
Calexico - Unsatisfied [The Replacements Cover]
coyote888 - Tripping Up the Crystal Way
L.A Witch - Sleep
Julia Holter - Whether
Broadcast - Come On Let's Go
Coco Solid - ABC feat. Eric Ultimate
TSVI - Mesmerize
HMLTD - Flex
MEEr - 1953 feat. Siobhan Leilani
Fanau Spa - Breakfast
Steve Gunn - New Moon
Deerhunter - Death in Midsummer
Broken Social Scene - Old Dead Young
The Cure - The Only One
Big Scout - Head Out The Window
Deaf - Slav Defence
Nirvana - Lithium