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The 95bFM Top Ten: Wednesday July 3, 2019

Miss June - Best Girl
Girl Friday - Generation Sick
Control Top - Ego Deaf
Pvnisher - Private Hell
Crack Cloud - The Next Fix
Blush Juliet - Prom Night
Cryogeyser - Co-Star
Jebediah - Leaving Home
Daphni - Sizzling feat. Paradise [Radio Edit]
Beastwars - Storms of Mars
Paul Chain - Sangue
Repulsive Woman - When I Get Good
The Ballet - But I'm a Top
Amamelia - Drop It Low
Real Tree - Pisces
Biff Bang Pow! - Wouldn't You
Randa - Rock Bottom
Scott Mannion - Be Your Mine
Mermaidens - I Might Disappear