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The 95bFM Top Ten: Wednesday August 14, 2019

Purple Pilgrims - Sensing Me
Sui Zhen - Matsudo City Life
Almaty - Gen4
JessB - New Era
SPAWTS - Brain Cells
Rodeo - Lisa Prank
Lisa Prank - Rodeo
Weatherday - Agatka (Agatha! You're Being Melodramatic!)
Dinamarca - Luna feat. Pierre Kwenders
Miss World - Venus in Leo
Girl Ray - Show Me More
Cleophus & Lightskinjohn - D-LOW
Casiotone for the Painfully Alone - Toby, Take a Bow
Orange Juice - Consolation Prize
Wukong the Monkey King 悟空 - Decay
Church & AP - Roulette
Stefan Ringer - Afrotine
Die! Die! Die! - Casualties of Decades
thanks for coming - U Only Have Yr Camera out When I Cry
Yung Baby Tate - Hot Girl (feat. Kari Faux)
alexa casino - Die Like A Rose feat. imugi 이무기
Na Noise - Then Who