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Metal Machine Music: June 17 2018

Third Ear Band - Dragon Lines
Guided by voices - Mammoth Cave
Sshe Retina Stimulants - Dissoluzione Ormonale
Spacemen 3 - Starship
Coolies - Pocket Painting
Joe Potts - Heartphase Hotel
Universal Eyes - Live at Trip Metal Fest II
Neil Hamburger - Hijinx and a Child
Pussy Galore - HC Rebellion
Octopus - Uninvaded Sleep
Mr. Hagerman - Hail Brought Oblivion
P16.D4 - Alltag
Ramleh - Magic Tiger
The Aesthetics - Drive On
The Upskirts - Rhythm Murder
Taiwan Housing Project - Multidimensional Spectrum
The Henchmen - Idiot Boy
Feederz - Jesus
DNA - New New
Flipper - Survivors of The PLague
To Live And Shave In L.A - Blind Hole Without A Piss-Eye
Stick Men With Ray Guns - Swastikas For Christ
The Velvet Underground - Run Run Run