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Bobandii - Falcon feat. CHAII

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Metal Machine Music: July 09 2017

Leviathan - Scenic Solitude and Leprosy
Dunkelgrafen - Dunkelheit
Mutilator - Visions of Darkness
Cornigr - Shroud of Satan
Mantas - Evil Dead
Emasculator - Male Fantasies
Celtic Frost - Dethroned Emperor
Merciless - Merciless Behind The Black Door
Graveland - The Night of Fullmoon
Malefices - Eternelle Foret De Chenes
Future Tense - Evil Attack
Death Strike - Live For Free
Forbidden - Chalice of Blood
MayheM - Voice of A Tortured Skull
It Hurts - The Thing That Stings
Opium Warlords - The Sadness of Vultures
Enslaved - Loke
I Shalt Become - The Funeral Rain
Gehenna - Midwinter Forest
Moevot - Oraison
Burzum - My Journey To The Stars
Cabaret Voltaire - It's Not Music