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Ghost Wave - I Don't Mind

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Metal Machine Music: July 01 2018

Phil Ochs - That's What I Want To Hear
Reet/Craig - ACNoDE Ape
Storm Bugs - Blackheath Episode
Brian Crook - Water
John Fahey - Night Train of Valhalla
Suzanne Ciani - Third Voice - Sound of Cold
Terminal Cheesecake - Song For John Pt 1
Teen X Ray - Track 19
Paul Sutherland/Purple Mountain Eagle - Live at Hellfire Club
Sun City Girls - Eternal Investigations
L Voag - Boxing and Sparring (with The Third Dimension)
Jim Shepard - Caught Up In The Race
Consumer Electronics/Merzbow - History of Child Porno in 70's Rock
Dick Heley - Empty Dreams
The Flagellants - Secret Possession
Mike Rep & The Quotas - H M My Mind
Crude - Me
John Sinclair - Homage to John Coltrane
Birchville Cat Motel - Four Freckle Constellation