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Metal Machine Music: January 28 2018

Varg Vikernes - The Filosofem
Possessed - Fallen Angel
Hell Bell - Falling in Temptation
Desecrator - The Invocator
Dissection - Unhallowed
Judas Iscariot - Journey Through Visions of War
Ancient Rites - Fallen Angel
Venom - F.O.A.D
Black Majesty - From The Kingdoma of Edom, Come
Abyssic Hate - Depression Part II
Slowdive - Dagger
Leviathan - Sxenic Solitude and Leprosy
Cranial Dust - Ultimate Uprising
Desaster - In a Winter Battle
Belktre - Marbatreeepreb
Bathory - Necromansy
Bestial Summoning - I am Home
Profanatica - Fuck The Messiah
Bethlehem - Durch Befleckte Beruhrung Meiner Nemesis
Brenoriitvezorke - Eakre Uatre Zurgtapre
Culver - Curiosity
Cirhus - Among The Detritus
Hellhammer - Maniac
Poison - Lurking Fear
Xasthur - Dwelling Beneath The Woods
W0mb - The Missing Sun