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Metal Machine Music: 24 March 2019

Browning Mumery - Sensory Automatism
Burzum - Spell of Destruction
Necros Christos - Witchcraft
Death - Sacrificial
Entombed - Morbid Devourment
Messiah Death - Gore Of The Crucifix
Evocation - Through The Darkened Peril
King Diamond - The Portrait
Mock - Bounded by The Blood
Nuclear Death - The Third Antichrist
Hedlok - Toxic Shock
Nocturnal - Rites If The Black Mass
Marzuraan - Flayed Ice Ramparts Of Mammuthusis
Pagan Altar - The Black Mass
LSD March - Clepsydra Flames
Ramleh - Koprolagnia
Deceased - Feasting on Skulls
Esoteric - Scarred