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Metal Machine Music: 18 March 2018

Gregg Turkington / Amarillo special

Featuring an interview with Gregg and a playlist curated by him

The Golding Institute - San Francisco Adult Bookstores (Excerpt)
Neil Hamburger - MHC
Hello Kitty On Ice - The Man With A Hole In His Throat
Bean Church - A.I.D.M
Neil Hamburger - The Ex-Wife
The Easy Goings - Life is For The Living
Zip Code Rapists - Listen To The Band
Faxed Head - Element of Life
Uncredited - My Daddy He Died in 1969
The Who - Dogs
Dennis Payne - Who Cares What Happens
Frank Sinatra - What's Now Is Now
Bow Wow Wow - Chihuahua
Nun-Plus - Los Angeles
Frederick Michael St Jude - About Yesterday
Neil Hamburger - Nickel Candy
Four Tops - 7 Rooms of Gloom
Flipper - In Your Arms
Neil Hamburger - You're Not Good Enough
Totem Pole of Losers - Jesus I Am Loving You
Neil Hamburger - Farewell to White House Staff, AUgust 9th, 1974