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Four Tet - Baby

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Metal Machine Music: 17 February 2019

Nuclear Death - Necrobestiality
Heathens Rage - Dark Storm
Hellwitch - Sentient Transmography
Falkenbach - Winter Night
Judas Priest - Jawbreaker
Nehemah - In October Nightshades
Odz Manouk - The Indisciplinarian
Incubus - Engulfed in Unspeakable Horrors
Doombringer - Red Vapour Fills The Skull of The Cadaver
Manilla Road - Up From The Crypt
Aakon Keetreh - Dans La Foret Part VII
Judas Iscariot - Journey Through Visions o War
Dunkelgrafen - Dunkelheit
Ildjarn - Himmelhvelv
Hell Bell - Heavens Butcher
Forgjord - Fratres Militiae Inferi
Perverted Ceremony - Fullmoon Sacrament
Gorgoroth - Drommer Om Dod
Dragon - Demon of War
Krisiun - Crosses Toward Hell
Twisted Sister - Sin After Sin
Fimbulwinter - When Fire Leaps From The Ash Mountain
Bathory - Sacrifice
Mutiilation - Travels to Sadness Hate & Depression