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Renee-Louise Carafice - You Are A Little Ghost

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Metal Machine Music: 14 October 2018

Silver Apples - Dust
King Crimson - I Talk To The Wind
Sferic Experiment - Grated Violin/White Rain
M.B - Maidanek
Severed Heads - God Factory
Simply Saucer - Ring-A-Ling Oh My
King Bee - Headache
Scratch Acid - Cannibal
Kevin Ayers - Girl On A Swing
Kas Product - Black & Noir
Lustmord - Headplate
LSD March - Clepsydra Flames
SCreemy Rectal Entry - Dogcatcher
Sick Things - Committed To Suicide
Skullflower - Abyssic Betrayals
Ceramic Hobs - Toto In Africa
Les Rallizes Denudes - Deeper Than The Night Pt II
Jandek - Lavender
Jan Dukes de Grey - Mice and Rats in The Loft
Sensations' Fix - Strangelands
The Jubilets - Vacant Dub
Kitchen & The Plastic Spoons - Happy Funeral
Siekiera - Jest Bezpiecznie
Martin Rev - Nineteen 86