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Kim Gordon - Sliver

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Metal Machine Music: 08 April 2018

John Rydgren - Pictures (The Nasty Picture)
Wayne County - Fucked By The Devil
Loop - Vision Strain
Whitehouse - Masters of the Overviolence
Idol Khoscy - Untitled
Solitary Hunter - Depress Her Until Morning
The Homosexuals - 3AM (Pink Pony)
The Pin Group - Low Rider
Ut - Ampheta Speak
Rapeman - Hated Chinee
Jim Shepard - The Voices of Men
Guided by voices - Unbaited Vicar of Scorched Earth
Total - Wolrd Ruin Through Black Magic
Little Claw - Modern Vampire
The Rolling Stones - Out of Time
The Stallion - The Thin Ice
Anne Gillis - LXGRIN5
Killer Karaoke - ...
Peter Hammill - The Spirit
Stephen David Heit Kotter - Cadillac Woman
The Red Crayola - Pink Stainless Tail
Robbie Basho - Leaf In The Wind
Robyn Hitchcock - Flavour of Night
Earles & Jensen - Honey, Tiger Woods Is On The Phone...
Cultivators of Righteousness - Loverboy
The People - Please Take My Life
Acey Stone - A Few More Days
Mad Nanna - No Title